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Our Story

Sphere Solar Energy One was started by Edwin Wanji. The mission driven work supported by our team reflects Edwin’s past, his business experience, and his values.

  • Edwin grew up in communities throughout Kenya that did not have reliable access to energy. When energy was available, he observed the positive impact it had on families and the opportunities it created. This impression convinced him to pursue a career in the energy industry. And his growing awareness of climate change and the complications it caused in places like Kenya convinced him that clean energy was the way of the future.

  • In 2015, Edwin started Sphere Solar Energy – a clean energy service provider based out of Seattle, Washington. Edwin has always believed in the importance of giving back. And since Sphere Solar Energy’s inception, he has reserved a percentage of profits to finance solar projects and clean water projects in marginalized communities abroad.

  • Edwin started Sphere One because he wanted to increase the scale of this charitable work in order to impact more lives and create more opportunities. He also wanted to expand the scope of the work to include marginalized communities in Washington State, where he is involved with several environmental justice initiatives.

  • The video below highlights Edwin’s story, his passion for clean energy, and his commitment to marginalized communities.

Our Mission

We deliver clean energy solutions that strengthen community resilience, environmental stewardship,
and equitable inclusion across all of
our projects and programs.

Leading through expert craftsmanship, workforce education, and strategic project development services, we guide the transition to solar energy, battery storage, and transportation electrification.

Our Vision

A more connected world where clean energy systems that enable fairer opportunities displace carbon-based energy systems that compound inequalities and social injustices.


Customer Service

Providing our customers with the best possible product and service using a straightforward process is our top concern. We will be available whenever customers have a question, an issue, or simply want to discuss last night’s Seahawks game.

Social Inclusion

For us, access to energy is a basic human right, so long as it is sustainable and does not infringe on the rights of others. Our team continues to introduce more solar energy throughout minority communities in Washington and in developing countries. We take great satisfaction watching opportunities emerge on the heels of newly available, clean energy.

Environmental Stewardship

Our team is highly motivated by environmental matters. We are leveraging our expertise to help build solutions against climate change. It feels good knowing that our work allows others to be more involved in these solutions and the communities that are propelling them forward.

Education and Awareness

We feel strongly that more people and organizations would invest in solar if they had better information about solar potential, market costs, government incentives, and mitigated environmental damages. A key focus of ours is educating groups of people, especially students, on these subjects, and complimenting this knowledge with stories so that it has greater resonance.

Featured Initiatives

Help us empower marginalized communities

Investing Locally

Sphere One wants to help organizations that serve minority communities by generating energy savings so that more resources are available for core services. Additionally, we want to increase the visibility of clean energy in minority communities so that nearby residents have a better understanding of solar technology and its viability.

Resilience Solar Program

We are launching a new solar campaign that promises discounts and incentivizes community action. 

  • We are very excited about our new Resilience Solar program. The goal of this program is to complete 10 installations on small businesses, nonprofits, and public entities that provide services to minority communities in the Puget Sound region.

  • By combining different sources of funds, we hope to offer solar installations that are discounted by 50% - 75%. And our team can work with your organization to help arrange a loan for any remaining costs.

  • The Resilience Solar program is currently accepting participants, and we will continue to do so through the end of January 2021.

Review the criteria below to see if your organization qualifies -

  1. Commercial properties only
  2. Organizations – small business, nonprofits, or public entities – must primarily serve minority communities
  3. Organizations must own the property or have a long-term lease agreement
  4. Preference is given to organizations in the Puget Sound region
  5. Preference is given to projects that are between 5 and 20 kW in size
  6. We will not consider sites that have a scheduled completion date after 9/2021

If your organization is interested in going solar and meets the above criteria, then we want to hear from you. Also, please share this webpage and help us spread the word about this opportunity!

Program Contact: [email protected]

International Projects

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Projects Abroad

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  • The founder of Sphere One – Edwin Wanji – is from Kenya. He cares deeply about giving back to communities like the one he grew up in, because he knows that simple solar technology creates profound improvements in life quality for rural families in marginalized countries.

  • Our team has completed three international projects, and we will soon break ground on a fourth project for a solar-powered water pump at a rural school in Kenya. These projects are completed at no cost to the community. And we train locals so they know how to independently maintain the equipment.

  • Follow the links below to learn more about upcoming projects and others we have previously completed.

  • Water Pump in Kenya

    We are currently in the process of developing this project. When completed, the recipient school in Kenya will obtain a reliable solar-powered water pump that saves time, saves many, and provides numerous health benefits for students and community members.

  • School in Puerto Rico

    In 2017, Hurricane Maria caused severe damage to the electricity grid that powered this school in Puerto Rico. Our team worked closely with other organizations to install a solar array so that this school had access to energy despite the grid disruptions. The future for these students looks more resilient.

  • Community Solar in Kenya

    Edwin returned to his home country of Kenya in order to help the rural Maasia community. Solar panels and batteries were provided to each household, enabling them to power lights at night and to charge devices with internet access so they could manage micro-loans and monitor commodity prices.

Education and Training

Solar 101 Workshops/Career Exploration/Lake City Young Leaders/Partnerships with local High Schools/Internships

  • Sphere specializes in workforce development training, including educational presentations on clean energy technologies, industry trends, and career pathways.

  • Recipient of Seattle Office of Economic Development ‘Career Connected Learning’ grant for clean energy program planning

  • Partnership with Sustainability Ambassadors youth education program supporting internship opportunities

  • Educational presentations / facilitation with community-based organizations and project kick-off workshops

Join the Movement

We want this curriculum to have a local focus. Therefore, installations completed under our Access Solar program will be used as case studies. Students will gain hands-on training at these sites, and we will unpack the policies, funding sources, and outreach methods that made these installations possible.

This education program is in the developmental phase. Our tentative goal is to launch the program in the summer of 2021. Please check back for more updates. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Program Contact: [email protected]