Education and Training Programs

Sphere One specializes in providing workforce development in the clean energy sector to underserved communities. Programs include job training, educational instruction, and internships.


We are committed to advancing equity in clean energy sector jobs. Through grass-roots community outreach, partnerships with environmental nonprofits, and financial support from granting organizations, we provide programs to increase the visibility of clean energy career opportunities in under-resourced communities.

Our Programs Include:

Internships – In partnership with Seattle University and Sustainability Ambassadors

Solar 101 workshops – Tailored to youth and family members of community-based organizations installing solar systems

Local 46 electrical union apprenticeship – Opportunities to work in the solar industry

School-based instruction – partnerships with local high schools to provide interactive, hands-on lessons in clean energy systems and job opportunities; Nathan Hill High School

Youth education – Education on the role of solar in reducing carbon emissions in residences/businesses. Participants include Sustainability Ambassadors and Lake City Young Leaders

Career Exploration – Solar curriculum on clean energy jobs and systems (made possible by the Seattle Office of Economic Development Career Connected Learning grant)

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