Sphere Solar Energy is a Seattle based company that was started by Edwin Wanji in 2015. Edwin’s story is unique, and it explains why he is so attached to the work that Sphere Solar Energy performs.

  • As a child, Edwin grew up in Kenya. His mother’s job in law enforcement required the family to move every two years, and so Edwin was enrolled in numerous schools. His teachers changed regularly, as did his friends, but all the schools had one thing in common – unreliable sources of energy, which made it impossible at times to study during evening hours. Driven by this problem, Edwin taught himself how to power light bulbs from salvaged batteries, a skill that endeared him to new friends. These early experiences sparked a very personal passion.

  • Edwin participated in a series of student exchange programs while in college that brought him to Germany, Poland, and ultimately the US. A position in construction lured him to Seattle. Although he was relocating and learning different cultures during this period, he never lost sight of his passion for energy. Edwin eventually received a job offer in the solar industry and has not looked back since.

  • Sphere Solar Energy was founded because Edwin saw, up close, the level of satisfaction felt by individuals once they began harnessing power from the sun. He wanted to extend this feeling to a greater number of households in Seattle, but also in his home country of Kenya and in other developing regions. To further his mission, a portion of all company profits are reserved for solar installation projects in communities that lack access to electricity so that more families are able to keep the lights on at night.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make clean energy systems more accessible throughout the Northwest and in developing communities abroad so that a greater number of individuals can power their homes and their lives in a way that does not harm the environment and future generations.

Our Vision

A more connected world where clean energy systems that enable fairer opportunities displace carbon-based energy systems that compound inequalities and social injustices.


Customer Service

Providing our customers with the best possible product and service using a straightforward process is our top concern. We will be available whenever customers have a question, an issue, or simply want to discuss last night’s Seahawks game.

Social Inclusion

For us, access to energy is a basic human right, so long as it is sustainable and does not infringe on the rights of others. Our team continues to introduce more solar energy throughout minority communities in Washington and in developing countries. We take great satisfaction watching opportunities emerge on the heels of newly available, clean energy.

Environmental Stewardship

Our team is highly motivated by environmental matters. We are leveraging our expertise to help build solutions against climate change. It feels good knowing that our work allows others to be more involved in these solutions and the communities that are propelling them forward.

Education and Awareness

We feel strongly that more people and organizations would invest in solar if they had better information about solar potential, market costs, government incentives, and mitigated environmental damages. A key focus of ours is educating groups of people, especially students, on these subjects, and complimenting this knowledge with stories so that it has greater resonance.

Meet Our Team


Edwin has successfully worked for over 15 years in construction both in the private and public sector. After 5 yea...

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Maria Zaller Solar Design Consultant

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Michelle Larson Bookkeeper

Michelle is an energetic accountant / bookkeeper with over 15 years’ experience. She is especially passionate ab...

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Elaina Block Electrical Administrator

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Peter Brandes Senior Electrician

Peter is a licensed electrical Journeyman. He is proud of his work, playing a vital role in helping save the envir...

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Robert Nuese Responsible Managing Officer

Robert Nuese is an officer of Sphere Solar Electric and the California affiliate of Sphere Solar Energy. He is a ...

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Briannah RISSLEN Business Coordinator

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John Jones Solar Design Consultant

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Sarah Ali Program Manager

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Kaneez Sheikh Project Manager

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