Aug. 15, 2018
Sphere Solar | Outreach

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture with Solar Energy

In 2015, Climatescope found Honduras’ power outages to be highly frequent and of long duration. Sphere Solar Energy has chosen to work with Universidad Nacional de Agricultura(UNAG) in Olancho, Honduras to install solar panels. UNAG offers education to mostly grant recipients in programs like Vegetable and Animal production, Agricultural Engineering and Economics, Natural Resources, and others. We hope to provide the following benefits:


Solar installations support local economic and workforce development

Honduras relies heavily on its agricultural exports. UNAG offers and maintains a 17-acre sustainable farm for educational purposes. This project will support UNAG students to complete their studies and apply what they have learned in their communities.


Solar energy is a more resilient and reliable energy source

This farm is the home of a classroom and a water pump, which often go unpowered. We can offer students access to reliable, clean power to ensure their learning experience is not hindered.


Solar panels offer sustainability through community empowerment

UNAG and its students are focused on sustainable farming practices. Sphere Solar Energy is excited to reveal the benefits and possibilities that clean solar energy can bring to the world of agriculture by offering local training throughout the installation process.


Please consider helping fund our project to protect the future of Honduras.

Contact Edwin to learn more about how you can help!