Aug. 10, 2018
Sphere Solar | Outreach

Bringing Reliable Solar Power to a Haitian Orphange

Sphere Solar Energy is excited to partner with the Cliff Avril Family Foundation and WE to install solar panels on an orphanage in Haiti. This project will bring an energy to a community in need, opening a multitude of new opportunities. We believe in the empowerment that energy independence brings to communities across the world. The project will provide the following benefits:

Solar energy to classrooms

This offers the outlets and charging stations to run computers, projectors, and other electronic devices teachers may use. Electricity can also be set up to operate cooling fans.

LED lighting to the facilities

LED long-lasting can be offered in the sleeping quarters and outside, which will eliminate the use of unhealthy kerosene lamps. Programmable motion sensors can minimize energy waste while still offering the safety that outdoor lighting will provide.

Capacity to power water pumps for drink water or irrigation

Sphere Solar Energy can assure an easy connection to water pumps for drinking or agricultural purposes such as irrigation. This provides future opportunities for more sustainable local agriculture and water distribution.

Community empowerment through shared solar installation

One of the most essential components of bringing solar is the ability to empower people not only by training them on the equipment, but also by revealing the benefits and possibilities that clean, renewable energy can offer. We plan to train local caretakers to maintain and service their equipment, enhancing a sense of community ownership over such a valuable resource.

Please consider helping fund our project to help the people of Haiti build their future.

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