Community-Based Projects

We help underserved communities adopt affordable, clean, energy systems so that more people can power their homes and their lives in a way that does not harm the environment or human health.

Shiloh Baptist Church

With the support of a grant from Tacoma Power, we installed a 19.78-killowatt solar photo-voltaic system on the roof of Shiloh Baptist Church. The building now enjoys a substantially lower electricity bill and carbon footprint.

Community Engagement

We actively engage the community in our projects, collaborating closely with leadership to provide educational workshops and opportunities to learn about how clean energy systems work and the job opportunities in the solar industry. At our Solar 101 workshop, youth members of the Shiloh Baptist church and their families participated in a hands-on demonstration of solar panels, illustrating how sunlight is converted to electricity.

Oasis of Hope

The grass-roots initiative at Shiloh Baptist Church in Tacoma generated interest in the community about the benefits of adopting clean energy systems. Consequently, the Oasis of Hope, another church in town chose to explore the potential for solar. They subsequently received a grant from Tacoma Power to install a PV system on their roof.

Resilience Solar Program

We are launching a new solar campaign that provides significant discounts and incentivizes community action to nonprofits, small businesses, and public entities bases in minority or underserved communities in the Puget Sound region.

The goal of this program is to complete ten installations resulting in electricity savings that can enable more resources to be available for core services.

By combining different sources of funds, we hope to offer solar installations that are discounted by 50% – 75%. Our team can work with your organization to help arrange a loan for any remaining costs.

Contact Us to find out if your organization qualifies.

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