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Answer a few simple questions and discover the cost, financing options, and if your home qualifies for energy independence. Save money every single month and do good for the planet

What Our Clients Think

Randi Sundby

Wonderful experience, the crew was friendly, professional and efficient. We love our solar panels and highly recommend this company!

Rick Lippold

I had a very positive experience working with Sphere Solar.
Regarding the contract they did what they said they would do for the price quoted. The work appeared to me to be quality and the solar array has been functioning with no issues.
I enjoyed working with the Solar office staff of Mia and Maria, they were helpful, responsive, and friendly. I also enjoyed working with the installation crew, especially electrician Peter who was not bothered by my many questions.
My impression is that Sphere Solar has a higher goal than just making a profit, but rather doing the right thing by providing a service of installing solar to the benefit of our home planet.


Residential Solar

When taking a walk or drive through the neighborhood these days, it is rare to see a block that doesn’t have a home with solar panels. ...

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Commercial Solar

Tired of unpredictable utility bills? Then invest in a commercial scale solar array. We can help arrange a project loan for your organization that will surely ...

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Ground Mounted Systems

We customize every ground mounted system so that it fits the size and dimensions of the property, and we use durable materials that can withstand extreme ...

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Battery Backup

Sphere Solar Energy is a certified installer for the most advanced battery manufacturers in the market. We work most frequently with Enphase batteries because of their ...

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System Monitoring

Every Sphere Solar Energy installation comes with free access to the Enphase Enlighten software program that allows you to monitor the energy production of your system. ...

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Charging Stations

Sales in electric cars are exponentially increasing, and for good reason. Electric models are now more practical, and they offer considerable lifetime savings over vehicles that ...

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We provide clean energy consulting services to advance strategic energy plans, resiliency goals, environmental justice outcomes, and project specifications. Leading projects from design through installation, Sphere’s ...

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Our team specializes in electrical design and engineering services to ensure projects are constructible, optimized for energy performance, and ease of maintenance

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The Process

Develop your solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle project in 6 easy steps. We look forward to working with you!

  • 1. Answer a few simple questions

    Provide some basic information about your project and goals, such as location, energy use, roof type, and age.

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  • 2. Schedule a call with our experts

    Connect with our energy advisors about your clean energy and resilience goals today and in the future.

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  • 3. We Design A Shovel-Ready Solar, Storage, and EV Plan for Your Project

    Our team develops a design that optimizes your energy performance, including several options to consider such as achieving net zero energy

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  • 4. Review Your Clean Energy Project Proposal

    We provide a detailed plan for your project, including proposed schedule, equipment, and cost, as well as incentives, rebates, and financing options.

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  • 5. Schedule your install

    The average solar + storage and EV charging station project takes between two days and one week. This is non-invasive process that can be completed while you are still in the home, or while students are still attending classes.

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  • 6. Start saving and make an impact

    Learn how to navigate your energy monitoring dashboard, and general maintenance tips throughout your system’s operational lifecycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs can vary anywhere between $20,000-40,000. This depends on a wide range of variables such as the size of your system, your energy requirements, the type of roof you have, and others. Contact us for a free and detailed estimate for your home.

Currently you can claim a 26% Federal Tax Credit. available through the end of 2022.

Additionally, Washington State allows you to purchase with zero sales tax during 2021.

Net metering, provided by your state utility provider, offers the ability to sell any unused solar energy back to your utility provider at their same rate.

General factors that effect the efficacy of solar panels for your roof include direction (south-facing is best) and tree shading, but we can provide solar panels for homes under many circumstances. The best way to evaluate if you are a good candidate for solar panels is to contact us for a free quote

Our solar panels and microinverters come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

We also back up our service and workmanship with a 10 year warranty

Monitor Your Solar Usage 24/7

Included with every installed system is a software program that allows end-users to monitor on-site energy production and consumption. And if you wish to add further value, we can connect your solar array to a battery storage system or an electric car charging station.

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10% of All Profits Are Donated to Sphere One

The founder of Sphere Solar Energy, Edwin Wanji, grew up in Kenya and saw first-hand how clean energy technology can drastically increase the prospects of marginalized communities. He started Sphere Solar Energy in order to give back to these communities. And he is committed to elevating their voices so that they are not only passive beneficiaries of the clean energy revolution, but also key contributors to its growth.

Sphere Solar Energy has executed four international projects since 2015.

Going forward, we will divide our resources between local projects and international projects that empower marginalized communities. All charitable work will be managed by Sphere One.

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